National Geographic Animal Jam is a massively multiplayer online virtual world launched in 2010 by WildWorks in partnership with the National Geographic Society. Animal Jam 2 is a beautifully illustrated educational game that is partnered with National Geographic. In Animal Jam, children can become their favorite animal and explore the world of Jamaa, an exotic world filled with a number of different lands and ecosystems. As they explore, players—known as Jammers – can play fun games, watch educational videos, and meet other children from around the world who share their love for animals.

Animal Jam‘s goal is to provide a fun, exciting, and safe environment for children to play online, while at the same time inspiring them to explore and protect the natural world outside their doors, making science accessible and fun!

Let’s try playing this game right now! Become your favorite animal and join your friends in the wild world of Jamaa! Show off your style with animal characters that express the real you. Design your own den and invite your friends to parties in your virtual home. You’ll explore a lush and beautiful 3D world, meet and chat with new friends, and play great games for FREE!

Have fun! fecebook