Happy wheels

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Happy Wheels is a bike accident simulator game with attractive and attractive gameplay. Despite the bloody but unique way of playing, Happy Wheels is becoming more and more popular.

Happy Wheels is a physics-based obstacle-defense game in the unique side-scrolling game. It has attracted billions of online players on Windows and is now available on mobile devices. Players will role-play bike racer needless, not equipped with the necessary protective equipment has plunged into the thorny road, ignoring all serious accidents in the journey to find glory is full of the dangerous front.

Most gamers rated Happy Wheels as a physics game that made them chuckle at all the mischief that the main character encounters along the way.

This fun game is divided into several levels. Each level has its own character. The entire Happy Wheels revolve around the movement of a guy driving a two-wheeled Segway must cross a series of deadly traps to reach the final destination. The 15 levels of the game are 15 different layouts, along with a myriad of surprises that make gamers flabby in surprise.

In fact, a person after an accident, broken leg, should be shocked and hard to move forward. But to the world of Happy Wheels, characters who, after suffering a lot of physical damage, even if their means of transportation are still broken, are still able to move on a long line until they are completely destroyed.

The controls in Happy Wheels are quite simple. Players only need to touch the virtual keys to move forward, backward, non-human or jump through obstacles. Sensibility when the time comes, the speed of touchscreen flexibility and clever moves are the top three factors that determine your success in this unique game.

Happy Wheels for iOS “blow a new breeze” into the traditional horror game. It proved that the game does not have blood, cut off meat … is to make people scared. If you are not afraid of blood, want to challenge yourself on the harshest paths, Happy Wheels is a perfect choice.